House System


The students are divided into four houses. Each house has a House leader and an Asst. House leader, House Representative headed by a group of teachers. All the houses shall perform the following duties in rotation.

1. To check the late corners and mark in the diary.

2. To help in maintaining discipline during the recess.

3. To look after the general cleanliness of the School.

4. To check the students uniform nails etc.

5. To participate enthusiastically in all intra house and inter house contests.

6. To be paid of own house and always work for its healthy tradition.

7. To help maintain discipline on the occasion of school celebrations/ observation.

8. To help the school authorities in organizing various school functions and making suitable arrangements for them.

9. To contribute effectively to the beautification of the display boards and Campus.

10. To participate in house march past.

11. To collect and prepare news of International School and sports events and also write a thought for the day and word for the day on the blackboard meant for the purpose.

12. To deliver this ‘thought’ in the form of a short speech in the Assembly. 13. To maintain decorum and discipline in the Assembly.