Code of Conduct


1. Be punctual at school.

2. Dress up neatly in the specified school uniform / dress code.

3. Be in time for the Assembly and participate actively in it.

4. Participate actively and enthusiastically in all class and school activities.

5. Avoid wasting time and get ready for the next class when the bell rings.

6. Bring your textbooks and exercise books according to the day’s time table.

7. Enter homework assignments is your school diary daily and complete it. Follow up the corrections and advice given to you by your teacher.

8. Always remember that self study is the key to success and never postpone your work for tomorrow.

9. Read thoroughly the lesson again at home after it is taught in the class to make the concept clear. Make sure you make a daily home time table for your self.

10. Make use of library to the maximum. Read newspapers and magazines regularly to improve your English grammar usage and vocabulary.

11. Look after your belonging. If you find anything belonging to any student or to the school deposit it with your class teacher or in the school office.

12. Always move in a line and in a disciplined manner.

13. Take care of school property and dignity.

14. Involve yourself in keeping your school beautiful and your campus clean.

15. Use the dustbins for littering.

16. Please switch off lights and fans when not needed and close taps after using them.

17. Be regular in attendance and never be late to school.

18. Be a good sportsman at all times. Be fair and honest at your work place and considerate to the rights of others.

19. Be courteous and respectful to parents, teacher and elders.

20. Remember what you show outsiders is what your school is. Let your work, speech and behavior bring a good name to you and your school.