Rules & Regulations


1. Students are required to attend the school in the prescribed uniform. Improperly dressed students will be excluded from the classroom.

2. No student should leave the school premises without the Principal’s permission.

3. Students should return to school promptly after the holidays.

4. Any kind of damage to the school property will be charged for by the student(s) concerned.

5. English must be spoken at all times in the school premises.

6. Children must be in their respective class rooms at least five minutes before the time fixed for the assembly to commence.

7. The warning bell before class is a signal for all to go to their respective class rooms. This should be done in silence.

8. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience and conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school are reasons for dismissal of a student.

9. The intended withdrawal of student should be intimated to the Principal in writing one month well in advance. A fee of Rs. 400/- is charged for the issue of Transfer Certificate.

10. Parents / Guardians are requested to enforce regularity and discipline and ensure that their children prepare their lessons and do their Home Tasks.

11. For issue of duplicate Progress Report and Fee Card Rs. 30/- will be charged for each.

12. Students suffering from infectious diseases will not be permitted to attend School until they are medically fit to do so.

13. When School is in session, no student or teacher should be visited, without the Principal’s permission.

14. Parents/Guardians are requested to see the Notice Board when they come to school.

15. On school days and for all functions, children should wear the school uniform only. Children who come to class without the school uniform must bring a note of excuse from their parents, or else they will be sent home.

16. Running, playing, shouting and whistling inside the school building is never allowed.

17. All students should speak in English in the school. Afine of Rs.20/- (Rupees Twenty only) will be imposed on anyone reported to be speaking any language other than English.

18. Students are not allowed to bring cell phone, Camera, Pen drive at any sort of electronic gadget to school. If found the gadget will be confiscated and a fine of Rs. 500/- will be charged for every contravention.

19. The school has the right to take disciplinary action against any student and suspend him/her from classes until the concerned parents explain the reasons for the students conduct.

20. Articles should not be sent during working hours. Kindly see that your word packs everything required for the day.

21. Ordinarily the school does not hold itself responsible for the pupils conduct outside it’s premises. Responsibility of the school ceases after the school hours of each shift.

22. Lastly, all communications should be addressed through the supervisor (Co-ordinator) to the Principal. No parent is allowed to meet the Principal directly at any circumstances.